The Philosophy Of Coaching Football

By Coach Aaron Ocampo

How WE think determines the choices WE make, which determines the habits
WE develop, which determines the TEAM WE become.

Centennial Hawks

Hawk Football Mission Statement
To establish a first class championship program surrounded by socially responsible and selfless teammates who have fun doing hard things academically and athletically.

Core Values
Trust-Can we trust you?
Commitment-Are the goals of our program your #1 priority?
Discipline-Do you do what your coached and taught to do?
Honor-Are you an admirable person? 
What will your legacy be?

The strength of the Hawk is in the Flock,
The strength of the Flock is in the Hawk!

2017 Above the Line

2016 Brick by Brick
2015 Unfinished Business
2014 Make it Happen
2013 Hustle and Heart
2012 Count on Me